Consumer Applications

ready to use, and available on the app stores

consumer applications

consumer sensors

Unisend has in development a plethora of consumer sensoring products for various use cases such as home brewing, gardening, home monitoring, pool and spa, cooking, and many many more

what we can sense...

Moisture, Light, Temperature, Humidity, Motion, Open/Closed Sound, Voltage, Current, Vibration, GPS, Magnetics & Direction, Liquid/Air Flow

all of which can notify you via

text, phone, email, facebook, twitter & more.... even via your TV

unisend solves real problems

Unisend provides a secure connection that allows relevant people inside and outside of your organization access to mission critical data as well as access to in depth trending analytics that allow for your team to get new and important insights into your business processes.

knowledge management

With Unisend Systems you can avoid data and knowledge being locked on people's laptops and desktops of hidden in their inboxes by storing information on Unisend's central cloud server. All data can be accessed by the appropriate parties to create an environment of informed knowledge by allowing transparency on insights across your leadership and on-the-go team members.

Are you Ready?....

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