Unisend's unique platform based cloud service, integrates with sensor systems that monitor and organizes data across your enterprise.

Unisend measures, reports and alerts your team with critical information to help organizations gain control over business processes. With intuitive mobile and desktop applications as well as consulting services, Unisend is able to provide a vertical solution to create visual meaning from an otherwise unmanageable mountain of data.

In today's market, business evolves quickly and data process must be monitored more carefully than ever

At Unisend, we use cloud computing, cutting edge sensors and advanced mobile application development to simplify and automate your business processes while monitoring mission critical variables.

We recognize that each company has very different needs and so our modular and customizable total solutions can be built from the ground up or integrated with existing legacy systems to provide a hybrid solution where the Unisend Platform becomes the glue that binds and communicates between disconnected systems.

Unisend's platform provides unprecedented value through data-rich analytics

The key to understanding business process and data, now more than ever relies on looking at data through the right lens. Unisend's Data Awareness Package uses advanced algorithms and cutting edge web and mobile application development to organize and use your data in ways you never imagined.

Some of our customizable modules include Critical Mobile Alerts, Historical Data Trend Comparisons and Modular User Access. It is possible to turn your mountains of data from a monthly or quarterly review to results driven profit boosters. With automation and synchronization of business processes, we can eliminate manual, repetitive tasks associated with event management and data entry that are time drains for your team.